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In-Box Power Supply

From Knaack LLC
Knaack LLC offers the KNAACK® PowerCrew™ 15-amp, in-box power supply, which provides a safer solution for in-box power to any brand or style of jobsite box.

The PowerCrew has 4 GFCI protected electrical outlets providing 15 amps of power for operating tools and equipment or charging batteries. The power source comes from a standard 3-prong/straight blade extension cord that plugs into the outside of the box. Other safety features include an internal relay that provides open neutral protection, a red LED that indicates power is on and a 15-amp fuse for current overload protection. The power supply is UL approved with a NEMA type 3R enclosure, and complies with OSHA recognized test standards.

The PowerCrew in-box power supply can be installed in minutes so contractors don’t need to spend time creating makeshift methods of getting power inside their jobsite boxes.