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Foundation Insulation System

From CertainTeed
Building professionals can now bypass several costly, time-intensive tasks involved with finishing below-grade concrete walls with the introduction of CertainTeed’s T-Roc™ Thermal Laminate Foundation Insulation System.

Consisting of CertainTeed GlasRoc® paperless gypsum board permanently laminated to a high R-value EPS foam insulation, T-Roc panels install easily in conventional concrete wall forms and eliminate the need for stud frame out, batt insulation and drywall. Once the concrete has set, the forms are removed, revealing insulated basement walls, ready for final finishing.

By incorporating the GlasRoc gypsum board, the panels offer superior moisture resistance and protection against mold and mildew growth. The EPS foam, which is treated with non-toxic Perform Guard®, protects the panels from termite infestation.

Once installed, T-Roc can be left as is or can be finished using mesh tape and setting compound, followed by painting for a customized look

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