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Drywall Grid System

From Armstrong Ceilings
ShortSpan Drywall Grid System, a patented self-locking system from Armstrong Ceilings, simplifies the installation of drywall framing over short spans by eliminating screws, cross tees and hanger wires in most applications.

The key to the system is an angle molding containing pre-engineered locking tabs that eliminate the need for screws, pop rivets or crimpers usually required to attach tees to the molding.

The locking tabs prevent both lateral and upward movement of the tees and are spaced 8" on center, eliminating the need to measure 16" or 24" on center. In addition, crimp marks located at the tabs facilitate fast, easy alignment.

The system allows the installation of 5/8" drywall to span up to 6' with no vertical support, and 1/2" drywall up to 7'.

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