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High-Performance, Energy-Efficient Wall Cladding

From Sto Corp.
Sto Corp. has expanded its wall cladding solutions with a system that combines StoGuard™ waterproof air barrier, StoTherm® insulated wall cladding and Stolit® Lotusan® textured finish.

StoTherm Lotusan NExT™ integrates the three components into a superior, sustainable wall cladding unlike any other. This high-performing, eye-catching wall cladding system saves energy and stays attractive for years.

StoGuard is a seamless spray-on building wrap that creates a continuous waterproof air barrier beneath exterior wall claddings.

StoTherm insulated wall claddings provide buildings with a blanket of continuous insulation that protects the exterior from temperature fluctuations and keeps interiors more comfortable.

Featuring the Lotus-Effect®, a patented breakthrough technology modeled on the unique self cleaning lotus leaf, Stolit Lotusan textured finish is incomparable to any exterior product on the market.

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