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Fast-Cure Adhesive Anchor

From Hilti
Contractors using Hilti’s HIT-HY 150 MAX fast-cure adhesive anchor system gain improved productivity and assurance of meeting the latest model building codes. Able to fully cure in as little as 30 minutes at 68° F, HIT-HY 150 MAX allows installers to maximize their efficiency at every job site. And by meeting rigid ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria AC308, HIT-HY 150 MAX gives designers flexibility for solutions where maximum strength is needed.

The fast cure time of HIT-HY 150 MAX for anchor and rebar applications, designed for use in un-cracked concrete, allows installers to get more done per day. HIT-HY 150 MAX provides reliable fastening in in-service base materials up to 248° F (with appropriate reduction factors), so quality anchoring is assured in even the most rugged conditions.

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