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Stud/Voltage/Metal Detectors

From General Tools & Instruments
Working behind walls, inside ceilings and underneath flooring materials just became easier and safer with the introduction of two portable 3-in-1 Stud/Voltage/Metal Detectors from General Tools & Instruments. The multi-operational devices allow anyone to easily and safely locate wood or steel wall studs, wires carrying live voltage, electrical metal tubing and conduit and other solid objects hidden inside cavities or behind construction materials.

The MSV250 3-in-1 LED Stud/Voltage/Metal Detector uses 4-level, low power consuming, light-emitting diodes to precisely indicate objects when the unit is moved along a wall, ceiling or floor surface.

The full-featured MSV350 3-in-1 LCD Stud/Voltage/Metal Detector offers an auto-mode setting that allows users to separately or simultaneously search for hidden studs, metal and wiring.