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From Blue Line USA
Blue Line USA has released ProReacH Extendable Handles.

The FHX ProReacH Flat Box Extendable Handle provides you with an extension range of 39” to 63”. Four locking positions make it easy for you to switch from running the wall joints to go right to finishing the ceilings.

The handles are extra durable with an anodized tube and anodizing on the head of the handle, where the brake makes contact, substantially reducing wear of the head. Including the ergonomic brake grip, the FHX ProReacH still weighs only 3 lbs.

Blue Line USA also created the XH ProReacH and XHP ProReacH Extendable Handles. The XH ProReacH gives you those same benefits as the FHX in a handle that attaches to your corner roller and nail spotters.

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