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AccuLine Pro™

From Johnson Level & Tool
Johnson Level & Tool introduces AccuLine Pro™ laser levels, a new line that is loaded with user-friendly features, including scan modes, slope modes, automatic leveling and more—all contained in innovative, jobsite-ready designs.

One exciting feature is the innovative GreenBrite™ technology, available on selected AccuLine Pro™ models. The ultra-visible green beam helps improve measuring speed and accuracy when used for indoor applications.

AccuLine Pro™ laser levels are available in a range of styles and configurations, to fit any need or budget. Models include automatic leveling rotary laser levels with GreenBrite™ technology; self-leveling or manual leveling rotary laser levels; multi-point laser level with 5-beam laser pointer; several types of line-generating laser levels: three-line, cross-line and multi-beam—all are self-leveling; torpedo laser levels with multi-functional rotating heads.