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Setting Joint Compounds

From National Gypsum
National Gypsum will introduce a new line of setting joint compounds early this year.

The new Quick Set and Quick Set Lite setting joint compounds were formulated based on feedback from drywall finishers in the field and will feature improved texture, color and workability.

“Finishers will find National Gypsum’s new setting joint compounds are easier to mix, whiter and creamier than ever before,” said John Ferretti, general manager, interior finishing products. “Quick Set and Quick Set Lite also offer a more consistent work/set time to ensure every job is done right.”

Unlike ready-mixed joint compounds, setting joint compounds harden via a chemically driven process that produces stronger joints and solidifies within a set period of time, and can be used in areas such as soffits, carports and other areas subject to intermittent moisture.

The superior performance and enhanced control and workability of the Quick Set and Quick Set Lite lines are expected to elevate the standard in setting joint compounds for the entire industry. Quick Set and Quick Set Lite, which will replace the company’s Sta-Smooth and Sta-Smooth Lite lines, will be available in a variety of work/set times so finishers can select the product that best fits their needs.

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