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Heating Systems for Cold Weather Spray Foam Applications

From Convenience Products
Convenience Products, the manufacturer of Touch ‘n Seal insulating foam sealants, announces its new line of heating systems and accessories for cold weather spray foam applications. Maintaining proper chemical temperature using Touch ‘n Seal’s disposable spray foam kits, Refillable Systems and Constant Pressure Dispensing System (CPDS 1000) has never been easier.

Included in the CPDS 1000 accessory lineup is an insulated and heated Hose Warming Wrap to ensure the quality of the foam and provide protection of the hoses from cold weather elements. A Velcro® closure allows for easy installation and removal of the wrap. Also available is a heavy duty, weatherproof one-piece CPDS 1000 Cover that holds in heat and provides zippered control-panel access. A Forced Air Heating Unit, when used in conjunction with the CPDS 1000 Cover, will warm a cold CPDS 1000, chemical cylinders and hoses up to optimal operating temperatures of 70°–90°F.

Blanket heaters are available for both Touch n’ Seal’s 12” disposable spray foam kits and 17 and 60 gallon Refillable System cylinders. The blanket heaters warm cold spray foam chemicals to the proper operating temperature. Once the appropriate operating temperature is achieved, the Blanket Heaters maintain the proper chemical temperature.