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Housewrap Stapling System

From Paslode®
After having spent months in the field observing contractors installing housing wrap, plastic sheathing and roof underlayment, Paslode® introduces the CapStapler Housewrap Stapling System, Model CS150. This system is designed to save contractors time and money.

The CapStapler Housewrap Stapling System features a patented button cap design that protects against tearing and water damage.

The system includes the new Paslode pneumatic CapStapler, FasCap button cap reels and 18 gauge, 3/8” crown button cap staples available in 1” lengths. Professional contractors installing house wrap or roof felt will appreciate the CapStapler’s large capacity reel, which holds 240 FasCaps, and its open design that allows for quick reloading of staples (capacity 90).

The CapStaper features a best-in-class drive performance for day-in, day-out use, an adjustable depth-of-drive, a quick-clear nose with easy access to the staples and an in-line magazine for greater balance and control. It also is a lightweight tool that will reduce user fatigue.

The CapStapler has a switchable trigger for single shot or bump fire, an adjustable exhaust cap, an adjustable belt hook and a switchable cap feed so that it can be used as a narrow crown stapler that will take staples from 3/4” to 1 1/2”.