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Grabber Construction Products becomes Authorized Distributor

From Grabber Construction Products
Grabber Construction Products announces that it is now an authorized distributor of HYDROTRIM™, the water-activated drywall corner trim introduced by Structus Building Technologies, Inc. at the 2009 INTEX Expo.

Combining the durability and crisp finish of NO-COAT® drywall corners with the convenience of a water-activated adhesive, HYDROTRIM corners are designed specifically for anyone who regularly installs outside corners and is looking for a faster, simpler alternative to metal and plastic corner bead. Whether you’re a framer, a carpenter, a drywall hanger, or even a painter, HYDROTRIM can make your job faster, easier, and more cost-effective. Simply spray with water and press on. No staples, crimpers, nails, screws, joint compound, or messy adhesive spray is needed!

Once wet, HYDROTRIM can be adjusted during installation, and dries within 5-10 minutes for rapid finishing. Fast and easy to install, HYDROTRIM is a great alternative to paper faced metal corner bead, because it requires much less joint compound, and will not dent, blister, bubble or crack. HYDROTRIM’s patent-pending design includes punch holes in the paper-plastic-paper flaps that allow joint compound to further bond the corner to the drywall.

HYDROTRIM is available in Outside 90 and L-Trim profiles and is shipped in waterproof packaging.

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