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Enhanced and Repackaged Ceilings Products

From CertainTeed Corporation
CertainTeed Corporation has secured third-party GreenCircle certification for 20 of its ceilings products. In addition, the company also unveiled new, more environmentally friendly packaging for its ceilings products.

GreenCircle certification consists of a comprehensive audit that verifies the manufacturing process and recycled material use, as well as a thorough review of the specifications and actual recipes for the products produced.

Sustainable Solutions Inc., an independent sustainability consulting firm, conducted the certification process through a rigorous analysis of the recycled content of CertainTeed Ceilings products — such as AdagioTM, BaroqueTM and SymphonyTM — that are manufactured at the company’s plants in L’Anse, Mich., and Plymouth, Wis. The certified recycled content of the products reviewed ranges from 3 to 72%.

In addition to GreenCircle certification, CertainTeed Ceilings has embraced more environmentally friendly packaging for its products. With the help of Green Bay Packaging Inc., CertainTeed has converted its packaging for ceiling panels to an unbleached paperboard with an increased recycled content of up to 98%. According to Green Bay Packaging, the switch will preserve an estimated 3,430 trees annually.

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