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Cord Organizer

From MunchMan Tools
Often times, the clutter and mess starts with combining similar items into a pile and then that pile grows and grows until it becomes a tangled mess—literally. And this time of year is exactly when that tangled mess rears its ugly head. Holiday lights, decorations and extension cords are often a prime example. Jumper cables, bungee cords, wires and rope also fall into this category.

In an effort to help combat the clutter, MunchMan Tools has created the Cord Caddy, a light-weight, sturdy, convenient tool to safely manage bungee and other cords.

The Cord Caddy is made of durable ABS plastic, engineered to withstand years of use. The Cord Caddy allows cord-like items to be wrapped around a ladder designed holder to keep cords organized and prevent overstretching. It accommodates any type of cord and saves time and space.