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Acrylic Foam Tape

From Scapa North America
Scapa North America introduces Scapa A1179G-PE, a pressure sensitive acrylic foam tape that provides excellent adhesion and long-term holding power for a range of construction assembly applications.

Made of high-density acrylic foam and double coated with a high performance acrylic adhesive, Scapa A1179G-PE is ideal for joining panels, fixtures, architectural signs and frames, and for sealing skylights and muntin bars. This foam tape easily fills gaps between various substrates, protecting them from dirt, moisture and chemicals.

Scapa A1179G-PE offers high adhesion to a variety of substrates and delivers excellent aging and weathering properties. The product resists both solvents and moisture, and provides strong anti-vibration properties. This double sided foam tape is an excellent replacement for mechanical fasteners, rivets, screws and welds.