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Adjustable Wrench, Pliers

From LoggerHead Tools LLC
LoggerHead Tools LLC announces the 8" Bionic Wrench™, a new type of hand tool that teams the versatility of an adjustable wrench with the simplicity of pliers. This patented hybrid delivers a mechanical advantage unlike any other gripping tool because it equally distributes force around the workload.

The tool weighs less than 1 lb. With a one-handed squeeze, the tool automatically sizes and grips 16 U.S. and metric-size nuts and bolds. It can function in any orientation—forward, backward, upright or upside down. Users can tighten or loosen their work with ratchet-like speed because there is no need to remove the wrench from their work between turns.

Available for $28.95, it is guaranteed forever. Within the next year, 6" and 10" sizes will be offered.