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September 2005

From Liquid Nails®

Liquid Nails® has added Ultra Duty Poly™ to its product line. Ultra Duty Poly is a moisture-curing, polyurethane-based construction adhesive designed

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Fiberglass Ceiling Panels
From InterSource Specialties Company

Softex Plus Fiberglass Ceiling Panels from InterSource Specialties Company provide maximum sound control and speech privacy. A variety of finishes

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Wall Surfacing System
From Fry Reglet Corporation

Advancing the ease of design, installation and replacement of interior wall surfaces, Fry Reglet Corporation’s new system, called Graph, is an

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More New Products

Coating Treatment
From Sto Corp.
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Single Source Warranty
From Degussa Wall Systems
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Custom Casting Service
From Abatron
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From TEC
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Wallpaper Remover
From Roman Decorating Products
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Radial Ceilings
From Armstong
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Stud Finder
From C.H. Hanson Company
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Code Clarification
From The Northwest Wall and Ceiling Bureau
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Clamp-On Guardrails
From Safety Maker's
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Masking Tape
From Intertape Polymer Group
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Construction Contracting
From Construction Contracting
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Sliding Compound Miter Saw
From Hitachi
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Drywall Texture Spray Machine
From J. Glover MFG, Inc.
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Vertical Transportation
From Alimak Hek
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Self-Leveling Line Lasers
From DeWalt
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Gas-Powered Fastening System
From Hilti
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