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 Are you using power actuated tools to installed acoustical ceiling wire into concrete or structural steel? If so, you’ve got to check out Nitroset.  They’ve eliminated gun powder completely. That’s right, LEAD FREE. No fines for leaving brass shells behind! There patented and proprietary system uses Nitrocellulose. And the tool is manually powered. No batteries!  Are you working after hours to avoid blasting off that gun by day? You’ll be surprised at how much quieter Nitroset can be. Working in occupied buildings, and restrictive jobsites, like schools, airports, hospitals, military facilities, you name it, is now wide open. And we haven’t even mentioned the best part… great stick rate into the toughest concrete. Nitroset is a game changer when trying to set into hard, high-psi concrete with just one shot!  Increase performance while decreasing costs with the Nitroset Solid Propellant Fastening System. Learn more at Nitroset.com and find us on YouTube.  

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