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Armstrong Transition Moldings Install 2x Faster

From Armstrong World Industries

Armstrong® Transition Moldings are designed to save you installation time, material, and labor when compared to traditional transition methods. In fact, our transition moldings eliminate the installation of stud drops for 35% less framing, plus vertical drywall return, corner bead, vertical mud, and sanding. Pre-punched vertical web improves screw attachment. Knurled and slotted integral drywall taping flange accommodates taping and finishing. And an integral acoustical flange eliminates the need for a separate acoustical wall angle. Additionally, our transition moldings are factory painted to match our acoustical suspension systems and are compatible with all types of framing, including Armstrong Drywall Grid and ShortSpan®. Visit to learn more about the savings you can expect with our transition moldings and watch the time-lapse installation comparison video.
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