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CEMCO’s Superior Floor & Roof Sheathing Panel


Sure-Board® Series 200S-F and 200S-P are two revolutionary products designed for today’s dynamic construction industry. Developed out of the need for a stronger, longer lasting and more reliable structural floor and roof sheathing panel, Sure-Board® Series 200S is the best choice for Engineers, Architects, and Contractors.

Sure-Board® is an also ideal solution for Architects and Engineers seeking greater design flexibility and superior structural integrity. Installed where shear values or backing is required, Sure-Board® leaves an uninterrupted surface between wall sheathing and/or exterior finishes.

Sure-Board’s composite characteristics provide unsurpassed resistance against loads imposed by seismic activity, hurricane force winds, fire, mold, impact and blast while actively reducing sound transmission.

Sure-Board® Series 200S was used on the first 6-story CFS building ever tested. Researchers tested the 6-story structure at 150% of the Northridge-Canoga Park earthquake, with stellar results. The structure maintained its structural integrity well beyond its designed capacity. CEMCO’s steel framing products and Sure-Board® Series 200S-F and 200S-P were instrumental in the structures’ ability to maintain its integrity after such violent movement. 

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