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Estimating Tips and Templates to Win the Right Work

From On Center Software

Building your estimating department? Need tips and templates to win the right work for your construction business? On Center Software can help. Download our free and updated Estimator’s Toolkit to create your own best practices to triumph on bid day. This is your one-stop spot for leveraging tools like Excel, Google Docs, MS Word, and PDF conversions.

We’ve already done the work for you by gathering best practices from experienced estimators. Take the next step by using these tried-and-tested lists, tips, and templates to start winning the most profitable work for your business. Our toolkit includes a detailed workflow to visualize and map your internal processes. You can also use our templates and forms to keep track of all your work. You’ll present more polished and professional bids to show your client you did your homework.

Our toolkit also comes with lots of cool extras -- from our great step-by-step estimator hiring guide to our in-depth white paper on overcoming estimating pitfalls. Don’t miss out -- download our free Estimator’s Toolkit now.
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