May 2008

You know what they say: The first step is admitting that you have a problem. Instead of asking a problem-solved type of question this month, we want to help all the Toolaholics by asking this two-part question: What was the most recent tool you bought, and how often do you buy yourself a new one (whether you need it or not)?

Are you crazy??? Buying tools mean work, so I let others buy them and I’ll pay for the work that I need done with the so-called fancy tools.
—Alan Castro, President, Advanced Specialty Const. Inc., Fort Walton Beach, FL

A 3/4" drill with all the accessories for drilling and tapping. Every 6 months, whether I need it or not!!

Magic Rub 1954 Non-Abrasive Non-Smudging Erasers, used frequently due to the constant escalating prices and the demands on the owner/general contractor for revised pricing.
—Mike Chambers, J & B Acoustical, Mansfield, Ohio

The most recent tool I bought was a new carbide cutter for Durarock, the best cutting knife I bought for Durarock. When I see a tool I get it, no matter what … just ask my wife who can never buy a new tool for my birthday or anything.
—Wayne Dickinson, Dickinson Drywall, West Bridgewater, MA

360 laser. I use it three or more times a month. I buy tools as needed.