AWCI Rebrands Its Fall Conference

February 2020

Beginning this year, AWCI’s Industry Executives’ Conference & Committee Meetings will be known simply as AWCI’s Industry Leaders Conference.
“Changing the name of the conference makes it clear that everyone in our industry is invited to attend, learn and network, not just the executives,” explains AWCI Executive Vice president & CEO Mike Stark. “You don’t need to be an executive to be a leader. All the professionals in our industry have to potential to be leaders.”
The new title allows AWCI to more clearly convey what this conference is about and to make it more inclusive. AWCI’s committee activities are still a valuable component of the conference, but AWCI will be working to add more content and learning opportunities for all attendees, whether or not they wish to participate on an AWCI committee.
In the last several years, more manufacturer and supplier members have been joining contractor members at this popular fall conference. “All are welcome to attend,” Stark says. “We’ll see you in Boston this September.”
Conference information will be on AWCI’s website this July.