AWCI Plaster and Lath Committee Establishes Task Force to Monitor ASTM Activities

February 2021

The AWCI Construction Technology Council recognizes the need to raise the level of AWCI membership involvement in the ASTM process relating to plaster and lath, and a task force has been formed with a primary goal of establishing a strong unified voice within the contractor community. This action is intended to provide a counterbalance to recent activities within proposed changes to ASTM standards that relate to cement plaster.
The task force envisions three steps. The first is to review new proposed changes to ASTM Standards on plaster and lath. The second step is to discuss these changes among the task force members, specific to how the changes would impact contractors. Central to the task force is to recognize differences in regional practices. That is the reason for its membership to include contractors from various parts of the country.
The final initiative is to communicate the proposed ASTM changes to AWCI contractor members that also have membership within ASTM. This will allow AWCI members to make an informed choice as to how to cast their ASTM ballots. The second meeting of the task force is already scheduled with a list of proposed changes that need to be discussed.

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