AWCI to Update Technical Manual 12-A

February 2015

AWCI has contracted with consultant Paul Korenberg to update Technical Manual 12-A, Standard Practice for the Testing and Inspection of Field-Applied Sprayed Fire-Resistive Materials; an Annotated Guide. Korenberg will perform a thorough review of the cited reference standards and practices described in the current edition and research new code language and standards that have been published since the last update of the document. He will provide all necessary updates and suggest other changes as he deems appropriate.
The publication, which was last updated in 1997 for its third edition, provides standard guidelines for inspecting and testing spray-applied fireproofing. It provides criteria for evaluating the bond strength of the sprayed materials and thickness test procedures for a variety of surfaces. The updated draft is expected to be ready for final review by the members of AWCI’s Fire, Acoustical & Specialty Products Committee at their April meeting in Long Beach, Calif.