ICC-ES Resumes Its Building Department Service Due to Demand

August 2018

The ICC Evaluation Service is reinstating its Building Department Service due to requests and increased demand. This program provides technical services to code officials for evaluating a building material, product or system for specific sites.
Through the ICC-ES Building Department Service, building jurisdictions can arrange for ICC-ES experts to investigate, evaluate and report on specific products or components that are being proposed for use on a given project to determine whether they are acceptable. ICC-ES technical staff are the standard for the industry and are qualified to evaluate a range of products including fire-resistive assemblies, sandwich panels, solid-fuel-burning appliances, classified roof coverings and wall-covering systems. They will review data submitted by the official for compliance with the appropriate code and/or existing ICC-ES acceptance criteria.
For more information about the ICC-ES Building Department Service, contact es@icc-es.org or (800) 423.6587.