ConsensusDocs Coalition Publishes a New Lean Addendum

October 2018

The ConsensusDocs Coalition is publishing the industry’s first Lean Addendum standard contract document. The ConsensusDocs 305 utilizes lean tools and processes without an Integrated Project Delivery agreement.

The Lean Addendum provides a contractual mechanism for owners, architects, engineers, general contractors and subcontractors alike to take advantage of lean construction efficiencies and memorialize in writing a more collaborative and cooperative culture on projects.

The Lean Addendum is significantly shorter than other integrated forms of agreement, such as the ConsensusDocs 300 standard IPD agreement. The ConsensusDocs 305 coordinates well with a CM At-Risk agreement as the underlying prime agreement, such as the ConsensusDocs 500 CM At-Risk agreement. Many would characterize the use of a CM At-Risk agreement with the Lean Addendum as an “IPD-lite,” “IPDish” or “transitional” IPD agreement.

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