ClarkDietrich Begins Integration of Vinyl Corp. and Strait-Flex into Corporate Brand Identity

November 2018

ClarkDietrich announced that its Vinyl Corp. and Strait-Flex divisions will be fully integrated into the ClarkDietrich corporate brand identity. The Vinyl Corp. company name will be phased out and its products incorporated into ClarkDietrich’s portfolio of bead and trim products, while the Strait-Flex brand will remain as a product line within ClarkDietrich.
Strait-Flex International, a provider of finishing products for interior drywall applications, was acquired by ClarkDietrich in 2017. Since then, the company has operated as a separate division providing walls and ceilings contractors with the most complete line of composite corner beads, trims, tapes and patches.
ClarkDietrich purchased Vinyl Corp. from Worthington Industries in 2011 to complement its existing line of bead and trim products. Vinyl Corp. is one of the largest, full-line vinyl bead and trim manufacturers in the United States. The company’s products include beads, trims, control joints and other accessories for stucco, stone veneer, drywall, plaster, exterior insulation finish systems and direct-applied exterior finish systems.
As part of the integration, ClarkDietrich will now consist of three distinct product groups: ClarkDietrich Framing Systems, ClarkDietrich Finishing Systems and ClarkDietrich Collaborative Services, which consist of the company’s engineering and technical services teams.