The Sound Design Guide

May 2022

Pabco® Gypsum announces that the latest edition of “The Sound Design Guide,” the most comprehensive, transparent resource for sound and fire information in the industry, has been enhanced with new designs, a new section on 2x6 wood stud framing, updated tests and much more.
New wall designs have been added throughout the 2022 edition to provide more assembly options for construction professionals. The 74 new designs bring the book’s total to 177 sound and fire tested assemblies on different steel and wood-framed partitions, using various stud thicknesses, configurations and materials.
The new designs include a section on 2x6 wood stud framing assemblies. Low frequency STL (Sound Transmission Loss) data tables have also been added to assemblies that feature QuietRock® 545.
The new edition also features an enhanced layout of the assemblies that now includes a side-by-side comparison of results for studs spaced 16" o.c. versus 24" o.c. This allows the reader to easily see the effect that stud spacing alone can have on the STC performance of a wall.