Construction Takes Second Place of Industries that Take the Most Naps at Work

November 2022

While many workers in the U.S. may get a good night’s sleep ahead of their working day, a new study has revealed that a large proportion of Americans are catching some Z’s while on the job.
Experts from Amerisleep, a producer of mattresses, beds, and sleep accessories, have gathered research surrounding sleep habits at work by surveying over a thousand people to reveal the industries getting the most shut eye.
Here are the findings.
The research found that the industry consisting of the most workers sleeping on the job is technology, with an astonishing 70% of people who were polled admitted to dozing off in their place of work. In fact, tech workers at well-renowned company Google are encouraged to take naps while on the clock by using the on-site nap pods that are available at the headquarters in California.
The technology industry is closely followed by construction at 68.4%. However, unlike the technology industry, napping isn’t always allowed—and 65.9% of construction workers admitted to napping at work when it is prohibited.
In third place is the government and public administration industry with 63.5% of workers confessing to snoozing at work, with their prime spots being their desk, a meeting room, and even their vehicle.
Although it didn’t quite make it to the podium, the finance and insurance industry lands fourth on the list of the sleepiest industries in America with 58.9% of employees resting their eyes during their shift.
Taking the fifth spot is the information services and data processing industry, where 58% of workers in the sector reporting catching winks at work.
Joint together in sixth place is the manufacturing industry and the transportation and warehousing industry with 52.6% of employees getting a bit of shut eye at work.
Standing solo in seventh place is the medical and health care sector. Not only did 52.1% of employees in the field reveal that they do in fact nap on the job, but they reported to spending 16.7% of their workday doing so.
Not far behind the medical and health care industry is the education sector in eighth place. Although 45.6% of workers catch up on their sleep during their work day, a smaller percentage of 28.5% would do so where it is forbidden.
Closely following the education industry is the wholesale and retail sector in ninth place. 42.9% of employees in the field partake in a nap at work and revealed that the meeting room was their prime spot for some sleep.
In tenth place is the hotel, food services and hospitality industry. The survey found that 34.6% of employees within the sector nod off during their workday.
Last but not least, with the lowest percentage of workers taking a daytime nap at work, is the arts, entertainment and recreation industry. Only 34.6% of employees in the sector admitted to sleeping on shift, perhaps to avoid limiting personal earnings given that 77% of workers in the sector are freelance.