California Drywall Announces Transition to 100% ESOP

September 2023

California Drywall, an AWCI member and leading provider of top-quality drywall solutions, announces a significant milestone in the company’s history: Effective Aug. 14, California Drywall began transitioning to a 100% Employee Stock Ownership Plan, ensuring a bright and sustainable future for the company and its dedicated employees.
The decision to transition to an ESOP comes as part of California Drywall’s long-term strategic planning, aimed at fostering a strong sense of ownership, dedication and commitment among its workforce. By providing employees with a stake in the company’s success, California Drywall aims to further enhance its already exceptional performance and expand its position in the market.
Under the new ESOP structure, the current leadership team, which has been instrumental in the company’s success, will remain in place.
In conjunction with this announcement, the previous owner, Steve Eckstrom, will be retiring from his position at California Drywall. Eckstrom has been a driving force behind the company’s success, and his dedication and vision have played a pivotal role in establishing California Drywall as a trusted industry leader.

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