Virtual Jobsite Visit Technology

September 2023

Georgia-Pacific now offers cutting-edge virtual jobsite visit technology through its technical services department. The technology, in use since January 2023, enhances the company’s customer support efforts and introduces a new tool the team can use to augment customer experience.
Utilizing a link sent to a customer’s handheld device, members of the Georgia-Pacific tech services team can stream through the customer’s device camera to get a view of the job site. Once a digital connection has been made, the Georgia-Pacific employee is able to annotate the screen, take screen shots and gain a visual perspective to better facilitate a discussion with the customer.
Using digital connectivity provides real-time access to the customer, which expedites the team’s ability to answer installation questions or help resolve jobsite issues. The virtual jobsite visit technology also facilitates training for new employees in the field.
The virtual jobsite visit technology is currently in use across all Georgia-Pacific building products tech services.

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