CertainTeed Publishes Industry-First HPDs and EPDs for Gypsum Products

December 2015

CertainTeed, Malvern, Pa., announces it is the first company in the gypsum manufacturing industry to offer Health Product Declarations and Environmental Product Declarations for drywall products. The newly published HPDs and EPDs provide scientifically robust and transparent information about environmental performance and third-party verification to confirm the true sustainability of a product. The declarations also allow products to contribute towards points in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design building projects.
Forty-two HPDs have been published to cover all CertainTeed gypsum board product categories. Six EPDs (grouped by manufacturing plant location) are also now available for two other CertainTeed products.
To download the new gypsum EPDs and HPDs and to learn more about sustainable building materials’ impact on occupant well-being, visit the new “Information is Power” product transparency resource Web page at www.certainteed.com/gypsum/sustainability.