Construction Quality Award 2017: Ceilings

May 2017

AWCI’s Excellence in Construction Quality Award 2017

Category: Ceilings

Winning Project: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (San Francisco, California)

Total Man-Hours — 151,783
Total Square Footage — 465,000

Materials Used
Metal Ceilings — 162,000 sf
Wallboard — 108,000 sf
Acoustical Plaster — 9,000 sf
Plaster — 18,000 sf
GRG Panels — 28,000 sf
Light Coves — 3,000 lf

Challenge Accepted
Each gallery contains a unique ceiling—a challenge met by RFJ Meiswinkel Company, Inc. Two of the gallery floors feature intricate wave ceilings formed out of pre-cast GFRG wave-shaped panels. These GFRG panels are supported off of a complex Unistrut structure that was designed specifically to support the ceilings. The structure was composed of 40,000 strut pieces fastened together and carefully coordinated with MEPFP trades to avoid overhead conflicts. Each custom GFRG panel was then lifted into place and fastened to the structure using threaded connections.

A third gallery floor features coffin-shaped pre-cast GFRG domes inset in a flat Level 5 finished suspended gypsum board ceiling. Lining the edge of these domes is a custom designed knife edge trim piece that houses lights.

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