Construction Quality Award 2019: Stucco

June 2019

The Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry’s Excellence in Construction Quality Awards demonstrate the craft and management expertise of AWCI contractors, the products of AWCI manufacturer members and the procurement skills of AWCI supplier members. Along with AWCI’s award partners—the Gypsum Association, the Steel Framing Industry Association and the EIFS Industry Members Association—AWCI and AWCI’s Construction Dimensions congratulate the 2019 winners of AWCI’s Excellence in Construction Quality Awards.

Winning Project
North Hollow Apartments
Portland, Oregon

AWCI Contractor
Applied Restoration Inc.

AWCI Team Members
Building Specialties (L&W Supply)
Grabber Northwest
Stockton Products
Western Materials, Inc.

Sera Architects

General Contractor

Challenges Met
The initial substrate installation was so bad, the contractor elected to install an additional layer over the first layer. That created multiple problems including double the fasteners in the substrate, extremely long screws to support the lath and stucco, and the possibility of ricochet when fastening the lath. This was exasperated by the framing and concrete being either out of plumb or just crooked and shoddily installed. ARI crews spent countless hours, repairing, shimming and straightening to get the WRB right and the lath installed to create straight, flat, appealing walls and finish.

Total Man-Hours

Total Square Footage
111,852 sf

Materials Used
37,578 sf of liquid weather-resistive barrier
32,891 sf of lath
32,891 sf of stucco
13,880 lf of trims
5,400 lf of EPS
2,240 lf of reveals
432 windows
6 floors
1 color
1 texture