Construction Quality Award 2020: Steel Framing

June 2020

The Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry’s Excellence in Construction Quality Awards demonstrate the craft and management expertise of AWCI contractors, the products of AWCI manufacturer members and the procurement skills of AWCI supplier members. Along with AWCI’s award partners—the Gypsum Association, the Steel Framing Industry Association and the EIFS Industry Members Association—AWCI and AWCI’s Construction Dimensions congratulate the 2020 winners of AWCI’s Excellence in Construction Quality Awards.

Winning Project
CPMC Van Ness Hospital, San Francisco, California

AWCI Contractor
California Drywall

AWCI Team Members
Ames Taping Tools, CEMCO, Grabber, Hilti, Inc., L&W Supply, PeerAssist, USG Corporation


General Contractor
Herrero-Boldt Construction

Contractor Stats
689,800 Total Man-Hours
1,071 Weekdays on the Job
740,000 SF Total Project Floor Area

Materials Used
2,112,867 LF Non-Load-Bearing Studs (14-16ga)
337,001 LF Non-Load-Bearing Track (16ga)
28,869 16ga ProX Headers
302,870 16ga Backing

Unique Design
“Impetus for the hospital was state seismic-safety standards that require hospitals to remain operational after earthquakes. OSHPD-regulated buildings are massive undertakings with significantly more stringent requirements and inspections than standard. Some walls required 10 inspections before approval. Our co-located team of 25 included eight BIM modelers and one engineer. They coordinated work with architects and other trades. The coordination team worked to resolved up to 1,000 clashes a week. The team tied data from the schedule to help prioritize work through the use of 4D sequencing. Each level of the building was available on iPads and makes the model easily accessible to anyone.”