Construction Quality Award 2020: Stucco

June 2020

The Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry’s Excellence in Construction Quality Awards demonstrate the craft and management expertise of AWCI contractors, the products of AWCI manufacturer members and the procurement skills of AWCI supplier members. Along with AWCI’s award partners—the Gypsum Association, the Steel Framing Industry Association and the EIFS Industry Members Association—AWCI and AWCI’s Construction Dimensions congratulate the 2020 winners of AWCI’s Excellence in Construction Quality Awards.

Winning Project
Cal Poly yakʔitʸutʸu Residential Community, San Luis Obispo, California

AWCI Contractor
California Drywall

AWCI Team Members
CEMCO, Dryvit Systems, Inc., Grabber Construction Products, Hilti, Inc., L&W Supply, Westside Building Materials (AD Gypsum Supply Division)

Valerio Dewalt Train Associates

General Contractor
Webcor Builders

Contractor Stats
33,471 Total Man-Hours
471 Weekdays on the Job
562,746 SF Total Project Floor Area

Materials Used
15,000 SF Stucco
4 Colors
29 Floors
700 Windows
1 Texture
15,000 SF Lath
40,000 LF Trims

Unique Design
“With a strict budget, the architect had to manage the architectural ‘wows’ and focused on creating architectonic forms that would be monumental, clad in stucco. We installed, lath and 3-coat plaster system with Tyvek wrap, drainage mat and a high-quality, integral-color, acrylic fine-sand finish. To break up the visual mass of the buildings colors, ‘eyebrows’ were built out at entries, and windows were clustered together, which cuts in half the number of perceived openings. L-shape sunshades shield windows, giving façades variety/texture. Across long façades, which have windows to rooms, the façade was offset horizontally to break down massiveness of the walls.”