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American Dream Mall, East Rutherford, New Jersey

March 2021

The following project was submitted to AWCI’s Excellence in Construction Quality Awards program in 2020 in the Drywall category.


After 236,000 man-hours, 1,720 square feet of wallboard, 58,000 square feet of shaftwall, 1,950 buckets of joint compound and 44,000 linear feet of trim—among other materials, AWCI member contractor Sloan & Company completed its work on the American Dream Mall in October 2019. The company’s contract involved nearly 2.1 million square feet of the mall’s total 3 million square feet.
The barrel ceilings are a focal point of the mall’s “main street.” To install them, the Sloan team worked off a platform scaffold 30 feet high and approximately 1,000 feet long. They utilized pre-fabricated radius framing members and preformed GRG shapes, which created the open lattice effect, to create the barrel. The overall logistics of material handling and distribution, as well as manpower allocation to maximize productivity while working at that height was a constant challenge. The company also fabricated over 3 miles of LED light cove, which enabled them to achieve an incredibly precise installation.  
The award application noted that the sheer size of the project made even the most routine tasks daunting. Open communication, proper planning, coordination of manpower, tasks and material were paramount. With thousands of construction documents that were constantly changing, it was critical to maintain and organize information to ensure that what was being constructed was correct and errors were avoided. The Sloan team utilized the latest technology to coordinate information and ensure that it was accurate and timely, and their commitment to quality is evident throughout.  
In 1964 Sloan Acoustics, Inc. was established as an acoustic ceiling contractor, and today Sloan & Company offers not just acoustical walls and ceilings, but also drywall and millwork. Visit to learn more about this AWCI member’s company and work.