Construction Quality Award 2021: EIFS1

June 2021

The Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry’s Excellence in Construction Quality Awards demonstrate the craft and management expertise of AWCI contractors, the products of AWCI manufacturer members and the procurement skills of AWCI supplier members. Along with AWCI’s award partners—the Gypsum Association, the Steel Framing Industry Association and the EIFS Industry Members Association—AWCI and AWCI’s Construction Dimensions congratulate the 2021 winners of AWCI’s Excellence in Construction Quality Awards.

Winning Project
Hub on Campus, West Lafayette, Indiana

AWCI Contractor
Grayhawk, LLC

AWCI Team Members
Sto Corp., National Gypsum, ClarkDietrich, R.A. Smith, Inc., L&W Supply, Hilti, Inc., Great Lakes Prefabrication

Antunovich Associates

General Contractor
Shiel Sexton

Contractor Stats
35,855 Total Man-Hours
160 Weekdays on the Job
192,930 SF Total Project Floor Area

Materials Used
80,500 SF EIFS
9 Colors
11 Floors
653 Windows
4 Textures
12 Foam Shapes
80,500 SF Vapor Barrier
487 Exhaust Vents
200 PTAC Units

There were three primary challenges with the Hub on Campus job: time, space and the sheer number of wall penetrations. Because the Hub on Campus was student housing that had been promised to arriving students, missing deadlines would be costly. Working within a small footprint with active city streets on two sides, space was limited. Each individual apartment required multiple wall penetrations, all of which were planned for and waterproofed at the fabrication plant to provide for the highest quality building envelope. Off-site panel fabrication addressed the limited lay-down area and lack of room for scaffolding.