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Turelk, Inc., Los Angeles

December 2021

Turelk, Inc.
Los Angeles, California
AWCI Member Contractor: Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc.

The following project was submitted to AWCI’s Excellence in Construction Quality Awards program in 2019 in the Small Projects category.

Turelk, Inc. is a general building contractor that specializes in tenant improvement construction and renovation. The company has offices in Long Beach and Newport Beach, Calif., but it was the Los Angeles office where AWCI member Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc. worked in October 2017 to turn a storage space into a vibrant office area (1,371 square feet) for the general contractor.
“They [Turelk] are all about great craftsmanship. The challenge for us was to find a way to have the space represent that love of craftsmanship and the ability to do things with more precision, more finesse,” said Philippe Pare, managing director and design principal for Gensler, the project architect. “They created this incredibly sculptural ceiling. The way it’s been designed and the way it is assembled, with great attention to detail, it … becomes an expression of what great craftsmanship is all about.”
In addition to the ceiling work, the space includes high-end finishes, and the ceiling has many light coves and linear diffusers. There are drywall finishes above ceiling channels, glass channels and intricate light soffits and partitions supported by drywall framing. The space also includes a recessed base at the bottom of the walls throughout, drywall niches throughout, “light throughs” with recessed openings and several light fixtures as well as GFRG access doors.
In just over two months (56 weekdays, 1568 man-hours), the Sharpe team installed 4,360 square feet of wallboard, 409 square feet of ceilings and 163 linear feet of steel framing.
Founded by drywall craftsman Steve Sharpe in 1976, Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc. has celebrated 45 years as a drywall contractor in Southern California. A union labor firm, the company specializes in drywall and metal stud framing. Visit to learn more about this AWCI member’s company and work.