AWCI’s Excellence in Construction Safety Awards 2016

Category: Between 500,000 and 1 Million Annual Man-Hours

June 2016

Trinity Drywall & Plastering Systems
Fort Worth, Texas

In March 2014, Trinity Drywall & Plastering Systems knew it had a serious problem with accidents. Its EMR was over 1.0, and its incident rate was over 5.0.
Trinity knew that just demanding its employees “work safer” wasn’t going to fix the problem. So the company came up with a radical solution: Change the company culture.
The positive results continue to this day. Both EMR and incident rates are down.
As of the day of application for this award, the company had gone more than 252 days without a single accident.
Trinity’s foremen “have their hearts and heads in the game” and communicate safety to their people every day.
A safety compliance officer visits projects every week, and a digital scoreboard in the office maintains up-to-date “safety scores.”
Providing a safe work environment has led to an increase in employee retention and loyalty. In the trades, Trinity is now a desirable “destination” employer.
For having the courage to confront its safety issues and the resolve to introduce a new culture of safety to its company, Trinity Drywall & Plastering Systems is honored with AWCI’s 2016 Construction Safety Award.