AWCI’s Excellence in Construction Safety Awards 2016

Category: Fewer Than 500,000 Annual Man-Hours

June 2016

AWCI’s Excellence in Construction Safety Awards 2016
Shields Inc.
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Accidents happen when deadlines get squeezed, employees work long days and weekends, and when productivity gives way to cutting corners. Experience shows that exhausted or stressed-out workers are more likely to make mistakes or get injured.

But for the past 10 years, Shields Inc. has created a work environment that has minimized these dangers. It’s a strong safety program that benefits both the company and its employees. An environment of competent leaders sets the standards of safety for Shields’ employees and the entire job.
Every employee receives intense training on handling any equipment or potential hazards they may face on the job. Apps such as iAuditor and inspection worksheets are as much a part of Shields’ toolbox as hammer and nails. Using them, the company’s supervisors make routine job-site inspections to eliminate existing hazards and prevent potential ones.
AWCI recognizes Shields Inc. for its long-term commitment to the health and safety of its workers, with its safety award for companies with fewer than 500,000 man hours.