Laminated Architectural Glass

September 2015

Bendheim has launched its Urban Elements™ Collection with the introduction of 6 new laminated architectural glass designs. Featuring rich patterns and colors, the Urban Elements Collection creates expressive glass walls and claddings for hospitality, retail, healthcare, commercial, and residential interiors.
Inspired by natural scenic motifs, the collection marries an array of champagne, gold, black and slate hues to evoke sumptuous natural minerals and precious metals. For further visual impact, the natural interlayer materials exhibit some color variance, creating a more organic and dynamic aesthetic. The mineral patterns are accentuated by a high-gloss black glass backing.
The new glass collection allows design professionals to add character to interiors and create exquisite environments with a raw, natural appeal. The durable, maintenance-friendly glass surfaces are ideal for high-traffic, frequent-use applications, including feature walls, lobbies, elevator interiors and backsplashes. They easily withstand daily cleaning and sanitizing with a variety of commercial cleaners. Used in partitions, the black/reverse side of the glass doubles as a functional, non-ghosting writable surface.
The Urban Elements Collection can be specified in sizes up to 34" by 120" and thicknesses ranging from 5/16" to 3/4". It is also available in a subtle, light-diffusing matte surface finish that is maintenance-friendly and resists fingerprints.