Liquid-Applied Air Barrier

April 2017

Sopraseal® LM 204 VP—a one-component, 98 percent solids content, low-odor, vapor-permeable, liquid-applied polyether air barrier product—is now available from Soprema®. This new hybrid STPE technology provides excellent air infiltration and moisture protection while also offering ease of use in low- and high-temperature applications, superior elastomeric performance and tie-in compatibility.
A fully adhered, monolithic membrane option, Sopraseal LM 204 VP offers a continuous air barrier that works well even in applications where conformity to complex geometries is a must. It is ultra-low-VOC and moisture curable in low relative humidity and low-temperature applications, while exhibiting excellent freeze-thaw characteristics. It does not shrink and requires less wet film to achieve dry film thickness. With Sopraseal LM 204 VP air barrier technology, contractors now have a strong option for moisture protection behind wall claddings ranging from brick to siding to metal panels, EIFS and stucco.
Sopraseal LM 204 VP can be applied in temperatures down to 25°F without the use of additional additives. It is also available in an accessory product, Sopraseal® Liquid Flashing—a high quality, 100% solid, low-odor, STPE membrane designed to provide air and water protection to critical rough openings while sealing joints and creating a seamless transition to air barrier membranes.