Foam Board Insulation

June 2017

Sto Corp. is now partnered with Owens Corning and Dow as suppliers for a key component of its technically advanced StoTherm ci XPS exterior wall system. This means that Sto customers will now have 2 options when choosing the durable, high-R-value, extruded polystyrene rigid foam insulation that resists water absorption and significantly contributes to the energy-efficiency of the Sto ci wall.
StoTherm ci XPS is an integrated, continuous-insulation wall system with a fluid-applied StoGuard® air and moisture barrier that is air-and moisture controlled, thermally-efficient and highly durable due to the XPS insulation. It helps cut energy costs, reduces maintenance expenses and adds value by offering designers a variety of aesthetic choices, thanks to a wide range of decorative and protective finish appearances (such as EIFS, stucco, limestone, brick and smooth- or water-repellant surfaces), available in virtually unlimited colors.
The high R-Value of the XPS insulation board facilitates the design of thinner walls, and its low deflection value of L/240 enables lighter construction—reducing overall weight and cost per square foot.