Ceilings Brochure

August 2017

Rockfon staggered ceiling patterns break away from the routine, while complementing the character of interior designs.
Enhancing the visual experience, mood and perception of commercial interiors, Rockfon acoustic stone wool ceiling panels, metal ceiling panels and Chicago Metallic™ suspension systems can be installed in a range of interesting patterns and colors.
Supporting creative applications, Rockfon presents a number of easy-to-install layouts including basket weave, brick, ascending, rose, check and more.
Combining the premium look of customization with cost-competitive options, Rockfon patterned solutions rely on standard ceiling components and 1493 Unopposed Tee Clips. Taking the place of a cross tee at the intersection of two grid components, the 1493 Clip maintains the connection strength required by the International Building Code.
To learn more about Rockfon staggered pattern designs, acoustic stone wool panels, metal ceilings and suspension systems, download the PDF brochure from www.rockfon.com.