Video: Common Employment Law Mistakes

January 2018

In the Foundation of the American Subcontractors Association’s new video-on-demand, “Employment Law Mistakes Most Commonly Made by Subcontractors,” attorney Philip J. Siegel, Hendrick, Phillips, Salzman & Siegel, discusses steps subcontractors can take to minimize potential liability for employment law matters.
Siegel explains how subcontractors prohibit a former employee from bringing claims against the company and how to avoid other common traps in the employment law arena. Siegel also addresses proper classification of independent contractors, permitted deductions from employee paychecks, severance pay, documenting disciplinary actions, the importance of written job descriptions, the importance of having—and following—a discrimination and harassment policy, and common wage and hour mistakes such as those made regarding travel pay.
“Employment Law Mistakes Most Commonly Made by Subcontractors” (Item #8116) is $65 for ASA members and $95 for nonmembers. This and other on-demand videos are available through FASA’s Contractors’ Knowledge Depot on the ASA website.