Total Track Solution

March 2018

From the trusted name in fire protection comes a game-changing solution for interior finishing contractors: Hilti Total Track Solution.
Hilti’s Total Track Solution is a pre-formed solution that seals drywall joints at the same time you install your track. No need to come back and address the joint area with sealant or other methods. This once-and-done solution eliminates the need for messy caulks, sprays and the problems that come with them such as the need for surface cleaning and material shrinkage. Simply saddle your track with TTS, install track and done. No mess, zero waste.
This versatile top-of-wall system can be used with any track to achieve fire, smoke and Sound Transmission Classification ratings by filling the gap between metal tracks and imperfect concrete.
Interior finishing contractors will find the fast and simple installation increases productivity when compared to traditional methods of sealant. And, it’s designed for easy inspection with identifiable product according to specifications.
Firestop track seal CFS-TTS and new smoke and acoustic track seal CS-TTS SA is available in 3 5/8” and OS, which is a flexible solution for any track size.
Both products come in 10’ sections, which can easily be cut to custom length, plus pieces can be put in a series, one after another, virtually eliminating scraps and waste.
Tested to the most up-to-date UL standard (2079 5th edition) for movement and sealing properties, Hilti Total Track Solution the perfect combination of easy installation and performance.,