Magnetic Stud Finders

April 2018

The StudMark™ magnetic stud finders from Calculated Industries stop the frustration of getting false findings often associated with typical electronic battery operated models.
The compact design of the Studmark™ and the Studmark™+ makes finding a stud easy and dependable. The units fit comfortably in your hand like a computer mouse. Yet, with two powerful rare-earth magnets located in each unit, users locate studs quickly.
Using the StudMark™ is easy and straightforward. Simply place the durable Studmark™ flat on a wall and move it in a “Z” pattern to find a nail or screw used to hold the wallboard to studs. Its magnets then snap to the exact location of the nail or screw. To mark multiple studs, users place one of the StudMark’s removable markers over the spot to identify the stud’s location and then move on to find the next stud.
Since the StudMark™ uses only magnets to detect screws, it does not require batteries and is always ready to use. Both units can be used to locate metal and wood studs.
Both models include 2 onboard markers. The StudMark™+ has a built-in bubble vial level to assist in leveling items being installed. Neither of the Studmarks have moving parts and therefore never require calibrating. Both units come with a 2-year warranty.