Drainable Wrap

August 2018

The latest addition to the Typar Weather Protection System, Typar® Drainable Wrap has the ability to shed more bulk water than traditional house wraps and offers the added efficiency of an integrated drainage plane while providing the durability builders and contractors expect from Typar building wraps.
The science behind Typar Drainable Wrap is a layer of multi-directional polypropylene fibers that diverts bulk water from exterior wall cavities and drains it away from the assembly, preventing the potential damage caused by mold and rot. The highly efficient Typar Drainable Wrap helps shed water while meeting or exceeding current code requirements per ASTM E2273.
As part of the Typar® Weather Protection System, Typar Drainable Wrap is covered by a lifetime-limited warranty that includes both materials and labor.
The complete Typar Weather Protection System, which consists of Typar weather-resistant barriers, flashings and construction tape, is engineered to ensure the greatest protection against the elements. The system provides the perfect balance of water/air holdout and moisture vapor transmission, while improving the overall energy efficiency of the home.